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The Exorcist poster  


To me, this is the ultimate scary movie. Most supernatural thriller movies don't have A-list actors or scripts. This movie has it all. Great actors, a smart story--where suspending disbelief isn't a total chore--and even great music.

The story is about a movie actress and her 12 year old daugther who are living in Georgetown, DC, in a rented house while the former is making a movie. A demon, or demons, possess the girl and it ultimately takes the lives of two priests to purge her of the demons. A must see for thriller-addicts!

30 Days of Night poster  

30 Days of Night

I like seeing a different kind of vampire from the standard Count Dracula model, and this movie delivers in spades. The vampires are bleak, cruel, ugly, and vicious. Definitely a refreshing change from the smooth aristocrat often portrayed.

The story takes place in Barrow, Alaska, where, because of it's extreme northern latitude, the town is plunged into 30 days of night every year. Perfect vampire partying grounds.... Furthermore, alledgedly people can't flee from town because there are no roads out and there is no air service during the sunless days. The vampires kill all the sled dogs for starters to keep the 'food' from running off. It's an interesting idea and manages to make the movie into a combination vampire/Friday the 13th slasher fright-fest.

Let The Right One In poster  

Let the Right One In

This is a very different kind of vampire indeed!. A 12 year girl who is very compelling in her humanness and vulnerability--except for the fact that she is a vampire. The movie is in Swedish with English subtitles. Like many european movies, it gives you a sense of nearness and immediacy. The sets are plain to the point of drabness but with a feeling of reality. Dialogs are unhurried, natural, and feel unscripted.

The movie takes place during winter in a suburb of Stockholm. A bullied 12 year old boy is befriended by a new arrival to his apartment block: a little girl who claims that she can help him with his tormentors in school. The girl lives with what one assumes is her father in an apartment where the windows have been covered with cardboard. The father figure busies himself in the community by killing and bleeding people dry into a bottle which he takes home to his vampire master. This is a smart little movie that will probably be shown on cable again--together with all the other thrillers--in the coming days. Definitely worth seeing!

The Shining poster  

The Shining

A haunted house on steroids! Great story, super actors, incredible sets. Like most screen adaptations of best selling books, it isn't quite as good as the book--but it's close.

The setting is the Overlook Hotel--a majestic resort hotel in the rockies that is closed during the winter. The main character, Jack Nicholson, is the new caretaker who, with his wife and psychic little son, will spend the winter alone and isolated by miles of snowed over road. Again, like in 30 Days of Night, the heroes are trapped with the spooks--great formula. Nicholson is an alcoholic loser and is being seduced by the house to be its 'permanent' caretaker--and by the way, to get rid of his pesky son who is interfering with the program. The house is very clever in it's psychological warfare on Nicholson; and in fact, some people consider this more of a psycological thriller than a straight forward supernatural story. The book leans more toward the supernatural, and the made for TV remake also took that tack--unfortunately, the remake just wasn't of the same quality as the original. Read the book, then catch the original movie on TV when it makes it's rounds again this Fall.

Young Frankenstein poster  

Young Frankenstein

This movie will kill you with laughs rather than blood-loss. Like everything Mel Brooks touches, this is comedic gold. The dialogs are wickedly funny and delivered by some of the funniest actors ever.

The grandson of the original Dr. Frankenstein, Gene Wilder, has decided to follow in his famous grandfather's steps and build another monster. He succeeds, with the help of Marty Feldman--whose Igor character is brilliant (and somehow keeps shifting the hump on his back from side to side). The monster is a tails-wearing, tap dancing, Peter Doyle, who gets into trouble because of his fear of fire. Hilarious! Don't miss it if you see it scheduled on TV.